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To continue providing professionally managed "One Stop True Global Logistics Solutions" with reliability / commitment / dedication to maintain and enhance the quality of services at realistic costs all under one roof coupled with our primary focus on ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.


To maintain our commitment towards supporting communities where we work and live by contributing towards the success of a range of projects and organizations that are innovative in their approach towards improving the economic and social conditions of communities in need.


Sunbeam takes pride in being a responsible and socially committed owner, placing greater emphasis on the safety of life, vessels, cargo and the environment it operates in. Today, Sunbeam has evolved into a highly quality and safety conscious organization. In tune with the global trend for specialization and the premium placed on core competencies, Sunbeam has charted a definitive course of action for the future. Sunbeam possesses all the ingredients essential for emerging as a truly world class international shipping Company. The endeavor of the management is to facilitate the release of boundless energy and initiative streams, which will be channeled for the growth and prosperity of the Company and the nation

Sunbeam Policy

We recognize that excellence in safety performance is a pre-requisite for excellent business performance. This excellence can only be achieved by having adequate systems and procedures in place to protect the health and safety of our people, the security of our personnel, the protection of our physical assets and reputation and the protection of the environment we work in. We also recognize that Sunbeam is everyone's responsibility and each one of us is accountable for safety of self and the colleagues we work with, safe operation of our facilities and safe delivery of our projects.